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14th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics

April 23-25, 1998
Budmerice, Slovakia

Publisher: Comenius University, Bratislava
Editor: Lszl Szirmay Kalos
Cover Page: Jozef Martinka
Production: Tom Plachetka
ISBN: 80-223-0837-4


Preface, Reviewers, Contributors, Contents
size 122 kB; after decompression 387 kB


Applications of Bzier Clipping Method and their Java Applets
Tomoyuki Nishita
pp. 3-15; size 416 kB; after decompression 975 kB

Hierarchical Methods in Computer Graphics (abstract)
Hans-Peter Seidel
pp. 16-16; size 14 kB; after decompression 31 kB

Selected Trends in Scientific Visualization
Lukas Mroz, Helwig Lffelmann, Eduard Grller
pp. 17-26; size 1252 kB; after decompression 10330 kB


On the Development of Higher Performance Volumetric Display Systems
Barry G. Blundell
pp. 29-38; size 129 kB; after decompression 596 kB


Modified Construction of Rational Bzier Curve Based on Barycentric Coordinates
Valent Zako
pp. 41-47; size 44 kB; after decompression 111 kB

Approximation and Smoothing with Spline Curves using Multicriteria Optimization Techniques
Ulrike Bossong, Hans Hagen
pp. 48-57; size 110 kB; after decompression 3573 kB

Geometry of Hyperpatch Modelling
Daniela Velichov
pp. 58-64; not available

Computing Tension Parameters for Composite Rational Bzier Curves
Soa Kudlikov
pp. 65-70; size 26 kB; after decompression 67 kB


Proposals for Declarative Modeling Parallelization
Pierre-Franois Bonnefoi, Dimitri Plemenos
pp. 73-80; size 51 kB; after decompression 171 kB

MTK: A Direct 3D Manipulation Toolkit
Marcelo de Gomensoro Malheiros, Flvio Navarro Fernandes, Wu Shing-Ting
pp. 81-88; size 102 kB; after decompression 454 kB


Quasi Monte-Carlo and Extended First Shot Improvements to the Multi-Path Method
Francesc Castro, Roel Martnez, Mateu Sbert
pp. 91-102; size 370 kB; after decompression 5010 kB

Radiosity with Textures, Specular Reflection and Transmission
Thomas Leiss, Peter Ferschin, Werner Purgathofer
pp. 103-111; size 43 kB; after decompression 238 kB

Scene Complexity for Rendering in Flatland
Milo Hyben, Ilja Martiovit, Andrej Ferko
pp. 112-120; size 174 kB; after decompression 1475 kB


POV||RAY: Persistence of Vision Parallel Raytracer
Tom Plachetka
pp. 123-129; size 487 kB; after decompression 1284 kB

Ray Tracing with Rope Trees
Vlastimil Havran, Ji Bittner, Ji ra
pp. 130-140; size 78 kB; after decompression 554 kB


Selective Decompression for the Visualization in Networks
Petr Chlumsk, Pavel Slavk
pp. 143-152; size 608 kB; after decompression 1236 kB

A Graphical Modelling Technique for Time-Space Simulations
Daniela Liberanome, Laura Moltedo, Serena Morigi
pp. 153-162; size 629 kB; after decompression 11729 kB

Spherical Splines in Modelling and Animation
Roman urikovi
pp. 163-167; size 424 kB; after decompression 3021 kB

An Incremental Algorithms for Fast Rotation of Volumetric Data
Balzs Csbfalvi
pp. 168-174; size 373 kB; after decompression 2230 kB

Visualizing Dynamical Systems near Critical Points
Helwig Lffelmann, Helmut Doleisch, Eduard Grller
pp. 175-184; size 705 kB; after decompression 30031 kB

TunVis: Visualizing Specific Geologic Features for Tunnel Planning and Construction
Horst Otto Meinhart, Rainer Wegenkittl, Eduard Grller
pp. 185-192; size 1659 kB; after decompression 7127 kB


A Quick Intersection Algorithm for Arbitrary Polygons
Borut alik, Matej Gomboi, David Podgorelec
pp. 195-204; size 256 kB; after decompression 975 kB

The Structure of Digital Straight Line Segment and Euclid's Algorithm
Ivo Povaan, ubomir Uher
pp. 205-209; size 62 kB; after decompression 304 kB

Straight Skeleton Implementation
Petr Felkel, tpn Obdrlek
pp. 210-218; size 145 kB; after decompression 603 kB

Merging Maps
Pavel Chalmoviansk
pp. 219-224; size 220 kB; after decompression 1548 kB

Environment Preprocessing for Real-Time Navigation of Intelligent Agents
Sergey Zhukov, Andrei Iones, Grigory Kronin
pp. 225-234; size 615 kB; after decompression 1917 kB


Direct Illumination of Dense Foliage using Z-buffer
Bedich Bene
pp. 237-246; size 370 kB; after decompression 2176 kB

Calculation of Visibility from Raster Relief Models
Toma Trobec, Borut alik, Nikola Guid
pp. 247-256; size 1427 kB; after decompression 3118 kB

Visibility in Digital Terrain Maps: a Fuzzy Approach
Livio Crocetta, Giovanni Gallo, Salvatore Spinello
pp. 257-266; size 196 kB; after decompression 3271 kB

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